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 IT Consulting

Assisting to empower you with the right technology for your business

​Proactive management of networks, computers, servers, and other devices on the network to prevent down time

Back up Solutions

Network Management

Onsite and offsite back up solutions with encryption technology that protects your data for easy recovery

Cloud services will help to protect, manage and provide you remote support when needed

Implementing security policies and procedures to help protect your network, computers and servers from the vulnerabilities and threats of today

Cloud Services

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Security Services

Niagara Computer Service is here to meet the specific IT needs and support local small to medium businesses in Fort Erie and the surrounding Niagara region.

We have over 20 years experience specializing in Managed IT Services, so it's like having your own IT Department at your fingertips, along with keeping your networks secure.

Our mission statement is to be your first choice, in the Niagara region, for your small to medium business needs, when it comes to managed IT services, while providing quality service and affordable rates in a friendly manner.

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